OSHO MYSTIC ROSE 23.07.- 13.08.2022

in Shangri La

with Amar and Sananda

Every summertime the Osho Mystic Rose is held at Shangri-La Meditation Center.

This three-week, intensive process was created by Osho and combines therapie with meditation in a unique way.
The first week consits of laughing for three hours daily. In the second week we allow our sadness to surface and there is space for our tears. In the last week we will be sitting in silent meditation. 

Karavanserai Karavanserai

Long forgotten happiness can be felt again and we will have the possibility to re-connect with the childlike innocence inside of us. In this protected space the old wounds of the heart can heal. This will help us to dive deep into silence and come closer to our being. Karavanserai

The wild and open landscape supports our process and invites us to take walks, go swimming and just hang out in the big garden.
A one-hour work meditation is part of the process and gives a taste of community living.
The evenings are open and everybody can bring their ideas and suggestions. Dynamic and Kundalini Meditation round up the day.

Preis:   €395,- course + €555,- accomodation and food

Rooms can also be booked in the Karavanserai for an additional 200,- to 300,- Kc.


"The symbol of the Mystic Rose is that if a man takes cares of the seed he is born with, gives it the right soil, gives it the right atmosphere and the right vibrations, moves on a right path where the seed can start growing, then the ultimate growth is symbolized as the mystic rose - when your being blossoms and opens all its petals and releases its beautiful fragrance."

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