Since the 10th century there have been caravanserai all over the Asian landscape. Situated along the ancient trade-routes, they were places where men and animals could find shelter and nourishment.
But more than this, they were meeting places where travellers exchanged songs, old tales and stories of their adventures.
Our Karavanserai here in Lazany is created in the same spirit. A silent place for restoring energy, for meeting people, slowing down, meditating and celebrating.

Karavanserai Karavanserai

The Karavanserai has been created with care for the environment. It has its own ecological sewage-system and guests are asked to bring organic toiletries.
Organic ingredients are used in the food as much a possible.

Karavanserai Karavanserai

I like what Osho says about the caravanserai:

You are saying, "I feel like a guest on the earth." Do you think anybody else can feel to be a host on the earth? Everybody is a guest. But there is nothing to be worried about it. Be grateful to existence that it has invited you to be a guest.
You say, "As if I don't really belong here at all." Nobody belongs here. Everybody comes one day, and everybody one day goes away. This is a big caravanserai. Just one night's stay and in the morning the journey starts again. Who is going to stay here? Millions of people have been here before you -- not even their names can be remembered, they were all guests -- and millions of people will be here after we are gone.

You are a guest. Leave this earth a little more beautiful, a little more human, a little more lovable, a little more fragrant, for those unknown guests who will be following you.

Karavanserai Karavanserai Karavanserai

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