The house with its beautiful garden, is an ideal place for meditation retreats.
In the light and friendly meditation room, 10 people find easily space. A floor heating keeps the room equally and pleasent warm, cushions and blankets are provided. A good sound system can fill the room with music.

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Osho Meditation-Weekend 2024:

The daily schedule is a combination of active and silent Osho-Meditations as well as walks and rest in nature. Tasty vegetarian food, an afternoon coffee with homemade cake and the loving atmosphere of our little group will support our going inside to our inner being.
Arrival: Friday after 16:00, the program starts at 18:00 with the Osho Kundalini Meditation.
Ending: Sunday around 15:00 after lunch and cofffee

Price: 1700,- Kč including meals. Accommodation extra, according to the room. ( To reserve your place please make a prepayment of 500,-kč to the account: 223396751/0300 ČSOB, Charis Schmieding)

It's a good idea to bring mud-boots for nice walks in nature. Also with your registration you agree to take full responsibility for yourself and not to use any drugs.

Here are the themes of our meditation weekends in 2024:

19.- 21.01.2024  the way of the heart

16.- 18.02.2024  in love with life, laughter and tears

21.- 23.06.2024  celebrating the fullmoon

04.- 06.10.2024  exploring chakras

13.- 15.12.2024  letting go - forgiving

"Loving yourself" will be held in Shangri La from  

04. -  07.07.2024  please visit:

https://en.shangrila.cz/loving yourself

Only if we start loving ourselves our life can be fulfilling and happy.


Osho NoMind 3.-10.8.2024

The NoMind has been created by Osho as one of the meditative therapies, it's 2 hours a day for 1 week. The first hour is gibberish, talking and expressing in a language we do not understand, emptying our minds, enjoying to express ouselves and  hidden emotions may surface.  This allows us in the second hour to just sitting silently more easily.
There will be also one hour of working meditation and other Osho meditations as well as walks in nature, going for a swim, may be campfire and whatever else we may like to do.

Enjoying the summerdays in Shangri La !!! 

Meditation and Creativity 08.- 10.11.2024

On this weekend we will combine creativity and meditation. There will be space for going inside with the help of Osho-meditations with Amar. With Satya we will bring the energy into creating.

Price: please look at Satya's webpage, there also you need to register:  https://www.keramikas.cz/

Accommodation charges extra. 

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Osho Mystic Rose   may be in 2025!!!

Shangri La! with Amar and Sananda (www.shangrila.cz)

Osho Mystic Rose is one of the meditative therapies created by Osho. It is a three-week process which happens every summer in the Osho Shangri La meditation center.
A beautiful adventure!!
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