Individual session

All the individual sessions offer a beautiful way to get more in touch with yourself and with deep relaxation.
Each session lasts approximately one hour.

Holistic massage:

With a loving touch many tensions in the body can dissolve and you can find deep relaxation. Your body can be experienced as a unity, as the temple of your spirit.

ca. 1 hr - 800,- Kč


This is a very soft and subtle work where the human being is considered as a totality. The bio-dynamic forces which generate and maintain life are expressed through rhythmic, tide-like motions.
The practitioner supports these forces in their impulse towards health, strengthening the vitality and self- regulation of the whole organism.

ca. 1 hr - 800,- Kč

also: www.icsb.ch


Tarot-cards are a beautiful help to bring more clarity to your life-situation.
They can act as a mirror, showing you where you are at and so helping you to move on.

1 hr - 600,-Kč
1/2 hr - 350,- Kč

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